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Perspectives on the History of Higher Education

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Volume 32, American Higher Education in the Post-War Era, 1945-1970

  1. Introduction: American Higher Education in the Postwar Era, 1945-1970, Roger L. Geiger.

  2. The Surprising History of the Post-WWII State Teachers College, W. Bruce Leslie and Kenneth P. O’Brien.

  3. Education for Citizenship… Is Too Important to Leave to Chance":John Allen and the University of South Florida, 1956-1970, Charles Dorn.

  4. The Reinvention of honors programs in American Higher Education, 1955-1965, Julianna K. Chaszar.

  5. Collective Bargaining and College Faculty: Illinois in the 1960s, Timothy Reese Cain.

  6. Brave Sons and Daughters True: 1960s Protests at "The Fundamentalist Harvard", Adam Laats.

  7. The Student Protest Movement in the 1968 Era in 3 Acts: Inception, Confrontations, and Legacies, Roger L. Geiger.


"The quarter century from 1945 to 1970 stands out as important and exciting for the development of American higher education. Three outstanding historians have collaborated as editors and authors, along with additional stellar contributing authors, to provide an anthology that is a model of thoughtful scholarship."

—John R. Thelin, University Research Professor, University of Kentucky, and author of American Higher Education: Issues and Institutions (Routledge, 2017)

"Readers looking for a fresh take on higher education in the postwar period will delight in this book. With thoughtful contributions and deft framing, this stimulating volume offers new insights on higher education’s recent past."

—Christopher P. Loss, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Higher Education and History, Vanderbilt University