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Rodney Hughes

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Dr. Rodney Hughes, Senior Scholar

Cheslock, J., Hughes, R., Frick-Cardelle, R., & Heller, D. (2018) Filling the gap: The use of intentional and incidental need-meeting financial aid in higher education. Review of Higher Education 41(4) 577-605.

Koricich, A., Chen, X., & Hughes, R. (2018) Understanding the effects of rurality and socioeconomic status on college attendance and institutional choice in the United States. Review of Higher Education 41(2) 281-305.

Lozano, J., & Hughes, R. (2017) Modes of representation among students on higher education governing boards. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management 39(6), 607-624.

Cheslock, J., Hughes, R., & Umbricht, M. (2014). The opportunities, challenges, and strategies associated with the use of operations-oriented (big) data to support decision making within universities. In J. Lane (Ed.), Building a smarter university: Big data, innovation, and analytics (pp. 211-237). Albany, NY: SUNY Press.


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Dr. Erin McHenry-Sorber, Senior Scholar

McHenry-Sorber, E., & Hall, D. (Eds.) (2018). Diversity in Rural Educational Leadership. Special Issue, Journal of Research in Rural Education, 34 (Introduction, 1-5).

Moffa, E., & McHenry-Sorber, E. (2018). Learning to be rural: Lessons about being rural in a teacher preparation program. The Rural Educator, 39(1), 26-40.

McHenry-Sorber, E., & Budge, K. (2018) Revisiting the rural superintendency: Rethinking guiding theories for contemporary practice. Journal of Research in Rural Education, 33(3), 1-15.

Schafft, K.A., McHenry-Sorber, E., Hall. D., & Burfoot-Rochford, I. (2017). Busted amidst the Boom: The Creation of New Insecurities and Inequalities within Pennsylvania's Shale Gas Boomtowns. Rural Sociology, Online first publication, 1-29.

Hall, D., & McHenry-Sorber, E. (2017). Politics First: Examining the Practice of the Multi-District Superintendent. Educational Policy Analysis Archives, 25(82), 1-29.


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Dr. Nathan M. Sorber, Senior Scholar 

Nathan M. Sorber (2020). Change and Continuity in American Colleges and Universities: Lessons from Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Innovations. Perspectives on the History of Higher Education. New York, NY: Routledge.. 

Nathan M. Sorber. (2019). History of the American Land-Grant Universities and Regional Development. In Erdős Katalin & Attila Varga (Ed.) Handbook of Universities and Regional Development.

Nathan M. Sorber (2018). Land-Grant Colleges and Popular Revolt. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

Geiger, R. L, Sorber, N. M. & Christian K. A., (Eds.). (2018). “American Higher Education in the Postwar Era, 1945-1970.” Perspectives on the History of Higher Education, Volume 32. New York, NY: Routledge.

Nathan M. Sorber (2018) “Early Land-Grant Colleges and Students in the Northeastern United States: A History of Regional Access and Mobility Patterns in Maine, Massachusetts, and New York, 1862-1878,” Agricultural History.

Nathan M. Sorber (2017). “The University Tradition in the United States,” in Encyclopedia of International Higher Education Systems and Institutions, Shin, Jung Cheol, Teixeira, Pedro, editors.

Geiger, Roger L., and  Nathan M. Sorber, (Eds.). (2013) The Land-Grant Colleges and the Reshaping of American Higher Education. Vol. 1. Transaction Publishers.